A great client of ours, The Cannery Seafood Restaurant, is hosting a Wine Makers dinner on Friday November 21st, showcasing the award winning wines of Red Rooster.

“Wine Maker and Guest Speaker Karen Gillis will delight guests as she introduces her awarded wines each complimenting the five courses prepared by Cannery’s Executive Chef Wayne Sych. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a fabulous BC winery, meet with the Wine Maker, and enjoy a relaxing evening by the waterfront.”

The set menu sounds delicious including pistachio crusted goat cheese, seared Baja scallop, Ahi tuna carpaccio, duo of beef and chocolate tower for dessert.

For more information and to make your reservation contact Alana Gee at (604) 254-9606 or info@canneryseafood.com.


Also, if you’re craving a glass of wine and a seaside view on a Tuesday of any week you can enjoy both for a fraction of the price; wines are chosen by Beverage Manager Sandy and sommelier Darren and offered at 25% off. You can see what they’ve chosen to include in these ‘Cannery Cellar Tuesdays’ here.

Happy dining!


A blog is a funny thing, I’ve decided. Some use a blog as a daily dumping ground for their personal thoughts and ramblings; others use their blog for the purpose of growing a group, or an organization of some sort; and others have goals in mind that include google rankings, linking to their website, and a boatload of other techy reasons.

I was listening to someone talk about those of us who use blogs to showcase our work and our clients – essentially we are showcasing ourselves – and his opinion was that we should also share our vision and our creative process alongside the work so our readers learn who we are not only as artists but as people. I wholeheartedly agree. My vision, values and more about my creative process will now be included with every photo-based post starting on Monday and I hope you find it interesting!

If you keep up with Vancouver’s restaurant scene at all you may have heard of Urban Diner. It is a site that has been bringing the general public updates, events, reviews and general news in the food and beverage scene in our city for a while now. What is new about the site is it’s recent turn to providing a more diverse group of voices from the community on everything that is going on, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

We are now working for Urban Diner to provide a regular and exclusive pictorial column, and the first one has been posted today! Check out “The New Italian” here, and then check out the great restaurants we’ve shot the next time you’re craving Italian.


Angnolotti con sugo d’angnello (Green pea & mint agnolotti with braised lamb sauce)

La Buca: Angnolotti con sugo d’angnello (Green pea & mint agnolotti with braised lamb sauce)

Chilled Albacore Tuna salad with treviso and salt roasted onion

Campagnolo (soon to open): Chilled Albacore Tuna salad with treviso and salt roasted onion

I can think of maybe only 1 or 2 other meals that I’d rather eat than the perfect sandwich. My mother’s lasagna is a definite (not being able to eat dairy for the past 15 years leaves me with only fond childhood memories of this dish…and sadly it’s the cheese that springs to mind first) and also my husband’s homemade burgers (but only when I feel like I need a reason to be arrested to the couch for several hours afterwards…they’re that huge). But other than those I would do many things for a delicious, tasty sandwich of pretty much any variety.

So when Rhonda at Cityfood Magazine asked me to photograph (and subsequently eat) all of the sandwiches that the humorous Jurgen Gothe has written about, I said “Yes thank you!

The Sandwich Series being posted one sandwich at a time on Cityfood Magazine’s website will, very entertainingly, spotlight some of the tastiest sandwiches in the city. And let me tell you…they are tasty.

We started with my great friends over at Terra Breads…

…with their Roast Lamb sandwich with pears and mint on raisin bread. Yum.

Next we went to the Black Forest Deli in the South Mall of Park Royal. They really are a deli, you can have pretty much any type of sandwich you want made to order from whatever German meats they have there. My German-born (Comox Valley raised) friend and I went for lunch, and he was instantly transported back home, where his mother has made us both fabulous Schnitzel among other dishes over the years. Deelish.

I’ll post more sandwich photos as they appear in The Sandwich Series, so stay tuned!

A warm welcome to our new client and new Yaletown restaurant Tequila Kitchen!

Scot Roger, food stylist, and I had the pleasure of photographing some of the tasty and delicious dishes from their menu, that made me feel like I was eating in Mexico again. I love that. Laura, her son and Chef Claudia have put their heart and soul into this place, and we were happy to give them a little boost.

Pollo en pipian verde © 2008 Jackie Connelly

above: Pollo en pipian verde © 2008 Jackie Connelly

Drunken Lamb © 2008 Jackie Connelly

above: Drunken Lamb © 2008 Jackie Connelly

Participating in the Taste of Yaletown event (see previous post for event details and a few more photos), Tequila Kitchen is a new(er) restaurant to the local scene, they opened just about 7 months ago. If you haven’t tried their menu yet, this reduced price dining event would be a great opportunity to do so. For $25 Tequila Kitchen is offering:

Sopa de Tortilla

(rich tomato and dry chile soup with thin totrilla crisps, avacado, cheese and cream)

Queso Pundido Altequila

(melted cheese flambéed with tequila, tomato, onion and cilantro)
Ceviche de Pescado

(lime-marinated halibut with cucumber, serrano chile, onion, cilantro and tomato)


(Pork and fruit in a blend of chiles)
Camarones al Tequila

(Shrimp flambéed in a creamy tequila sauce)
Pollo en Pipian Verde

(Chicken breast in a green pumpkin seed mole sauce)

Caramel Crepes toped with Mexican caramel sauce and walnuts
Walnut Praline served with ice cream and milk and topped with Mexican chocolate

Happy dining!

With the huge number of restaurants in Vancouver I’m sure at some point you’ve thought about going for dinner, but weren’t sure where to try next.

Have you ever driven through Yaletown and been overwhelmed by the number of restaurants, unsure of what would satisfy your cravings?

above: Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar © 2008 Jackie Connelly

The Taste of Yaletown has now begun and is a great opportunity to try out some of the great restaurants in the neighborhood. Promoted by our great friends at Sara Pereira Marketing & Communications and on until October 26th, you can easily make a reservation and head over to see our friends and clients at Glowbal Grill, Coast Restaurant, or our new comrades at Tequila Kitchen, or one of the other many establishments participating in the event. Check out the website for the full list of restaurants and for the dish descriptions of the $25, $35 and $45 three-course tasting menus being offered.

Happy dining!

Last week my cinematographer Chad Galloway and I took a road trip to Keremeos (about 45 minutes outside of Osoyoos) in the Similkameen Valley. We were going for a shoot, but little did we know it would be such a warm, welcoming experience.

Sharon and Lawrence Herder are proprietors/winemakers/business owners of Herder Winery and Vineyards, and they hired us to spend two days and two nights at their estate documenting everything from crushing, filtering and bottling of their grapes and wine to the incredible lifestyle they have carved out for themselves, and soon, guests as well. We also got to know them and their family, spent the days with them, enjoyed dinner and wine around the table each night, and listened to how they made it to where they are today which was a unique aspect that doesn’t happen on a typical job.

Staying in their guest house you can golf over the four holes they’ve set up around the vineyard, swim in their endless pool, and take winery tour before sitting down to a locally catered dining experience, all set against the backdrop of sweeping vistas that are this Valley. I apologize if this sounds a little poetic, or too good to be true, but I’m not kidding you, there’s something here that instantly made me feel like I was on vacation. Maybe it’s getting out of the city…or maybe it’s waking up to delicate sun beams pouring through your window… definitely has something to do with getting out of the city – note to self: remember to do that more often.

Thank you so much to the Herder’s for their generosity and wine, and to Joy Road Catering for their delicious dishes!

* Chad’s cinematography still to come!

If you have ever been out to the farm at UBC, or attended the Feast of Fields event held in early September at the UBC farm for the past 14 years, or even if you don’t make it out to that neck of the woods but you are supportive of local farming and the people who grow, tend, and provide us with healthy, fresh food options on a regular basis your help is needed now.

The UBC Farm is a 24 hectare student-driven learning and research farm located on the University of British Columbia’s campus, and integrated with the wider community and is the only working farmland within the city of Vancouver. It hosted over 2000 students and 100 sustainable food systems related research projects in 2007 alone. Many campus social events, educational programs for children, community outreach programs and a weekly farmers’ market run here. The ultimate goal of the farm is to retain and re-create existing farm and forest lands at the University of British Columbia into an internationally significant centre for sustainable agriculture, forestry and food systems.

However, the farm is slated as a ‘future housing reserve’, which leaves this valuable resource threatened. Please visit the petition here and join myself and over 2,700 others to sign your name as a supporter to keep the UBC farmland untouched by housing development.

Their last 2008 market is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th, and this is just another way you can help support the farm. To receive updates on the farms progress, you can sign up for their email list on this web page, or check their blog or website for updates.

Well…did you?

We included a post a short while ago about a fellow food blogger who was being invited on the Martha Stewart Show along with a few other great blogger-types (both food and non-food related), and Matt has kindly posted a clip of his appearance…check it out if you didn’t watch it on tv!

Way to go Matt…and we agree, sweets are our favourite too!

This Friday, I am under the weather. The change in seasons always seems to give me a little run for my money, but this time I wasn’t able to kick it in the pants. So, I’ve been enjoying soups, crackers, and a whole lot of liquids. If I knew this was coming I would have made my favourite…tomato basil soup, with extra EXTRA garlic. Not to give soup a bad rap..I love soup, even when I’m feeling in tip top shape, soups give me that warm and cozy feeling anytime. I should definitely learn to make more soups when I’m feeling better.

So you know the drill….What’s your favourite comfort food?

Oh…and I hope you’re all much healthier this weekend than I am.