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A great client of ours, The Cannery Seafood Restaurant, is hosting a Wine Makers dinner on Friday November 21st, showcasing the award winning wines of Red Rooster.

“Wine Maker and Guest Speaker Karen Gillis will delight guests as she introduces her awarded wines each complimenting the five courses prepared by Cannery’s Executive Chef Wayne Sych. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a fabulous BC winery, meet with the Wine Maker, and enjoy a relaxing evening by the waterfront.”

The set menu sounds delicious including pistachio crusted goat cheese, seared Baja scallop, Ahi tuna carpaccio, duo of beef and chocolate tower for dessert.

For more information and to make your reservation contact Alana Gee at (604) 254-9606 or


Also, if you’re craving a glass of wine and a seaside view on a Tuesday of any week you can enjoy both for a fraction of the price; wines are chosen by Beverage Manager Sandy and sommelier Darren and offered at 25% off. You can see what they’ve chosen to include in these ‘Cannery Cellar Tuesdays’ here.

Happy dining!


A warm welcome to our new client and new Yaletown restaurant Tequila Kitchen!

Scot Roger, food stylist, and I had the pleasure of photographing some of the tasty and delicious dishes from their menu, that made me feel like I was eating in Mexico again. I love that. Laura, her son and Chef Claudia have put their heart and soul into this place, and we were happy to give them a little boost.

Pollo en pipian verde © 2008 Jackie Connelly

above: Pollo en pipian verde © 2008 Jackie Connelly

Drunken Lamb © 2008 Jackie Connelly

above: Drunken Lamb © 2008 Jackie Connelly

Participating in the Taste of Yaletown event (see previous post for event details and a few more photos), Tequila Kitchen is a new(er) restaurant to the local scene, they opened just about 7 months ago. If you haven’t tried their menu yet, this reduced price dining event would be a great opportunity to do so. For $25 Tequila Kitchen is offering:

Sopa de Tortilla

(rich tomato and dry chile soup with thin totrilla crisps, avacado, cheese and cream)

Queso Pundido Altequila

(melted cheese flambéed with tequila, tomato, onion and cilantro)
Ceviche de Pescado

(lime-marinated halibut with cucumber, serrano chile, onion, cilantro and tomato)


(Pork and fruit in a blend of chiles)
Camarones al Tequila

(Shrimp flambéed in a creamy tequila sauce)
Pollo en Pipian Verde

(Chicken breast in a green pumpkin seed mole sauce)

Caramel Crepes toped with Mexican caramel sauce and walnuts
Walnut Praline served with ice cream and milk and topped with Mexican chocolate

Happy dining!

With the huge number of restaurants in Vancouver I’m sure at some point you’ve thought about going for dinner, but weren’t sure where to try next.

Have you ever driven through Yaletown and been overwhelmed by the number of restaurants, unsure of what would satisfy your cravings?

above: Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar © 2008 Jackie Connelly

The Taste of Yaletown has now begun and is a great opportunity to try out some of the great restaurants in the neighborhood. Promoted by our great friends at Sara Pereira Marketing & Communications and on until October 26th, you can easily make a reservation and head over to see our friends and clients at Glowbal Grill, Coast Restaurant, or our new comrades at Tequila Kitchen, or one of the other many establishments participating in the event. Check out the website for the full list of restaurants and for the dish descriptions of the $25, $35 and $45 three-course tasting menus being offered.

Happy dining!

Well…did you?

We included a post a short while ago about a fellow food blogger who was being invited on the Martha Stewart Show along with a few other great blogger-types (both food and non-food related), and Matt has kindly posted a clip of his appearance…check it out if you didn’t watch it on tv!

Way to go Matt…and we agree, sweets are our favourite too!

Got a hankering to try some new wines, or a specially prepared wine & dinner feast? We thought you might. Our friends over at Firefly Fine Wines and Ales are hosting some enticing events coming up that I thought I would share with you. You can also view the event details and the stores location on their website by clicking on each individual event title.


A fellow food-plus-photography blogger…actually, his was one of the first photo-based food blogs I came across when I was considering starting Basil Gazing, and it has since been a constant source of inspiration…is being rewarded for his talented blogging skills, and the fact that he’s a foodie too, I’m sure.

Check your local listings for Matt Armendariz’s (of guest visit to the Martha Stewart show this wednesday, September 17th!! Matt will be speaking on the art (or science perhaps?) of blogging, alongside a few other notable bloggers: Perez Hilton (c’mon, don’t try and tell me you don’t know who he is), Deb of Smitten Kitchen (also a great blog you must check out, and is a great resource for recipes) and Margaret of A Way to Garden which I must turn my mother onto…if I can get her to learn what a browser is first.

From lil’ ol us, we throw a huge ‘congrats’ your way Matt…can’t wait to see the show! Good luck!

© Jackie Connelly Photography

Sea-to-Sky Feast of Fields: (l) Ganton+Larsen Prospect Winery, (r) Wild Planet Raw Foods

Ok, so I’m allergic to dairy, which means I can’t eat more than a tiny droplet of gelato. Totally not fair.

Plus I shoot these events which means I only have two hands in which to balance a camera, with a glass of some yummy drink, and a pseudo-plate (think bark, oyster shell, or corn husk, depending on the creativity of the restaurant) of superbly delicious bite-size morsels. This usually doesn’t happen. And though I volunteer to be working here, again, totally not fair.

But beyond taste, Dolce Gelato’s product is beautifully decorated, with colours that are striking, as are most of the restaurants products. So, one would think that knowing how fast they run out of product due to the hefty line ups of folks, I would get my butt over there sooner. The thing with the Lower Mainland Feast of Fields is that it’s so huge it really does require an afternoon to leisurely take it all in. One could move faster, and keep an eye on the clock, but that’s not how a relaxing, sunny Sunday afternoon is to be spent.

(l) enjoying the sun; (r) Whistler Brewing

Sea to Sky Feast of Fields: (l) enjoying the sun; (r) Whistler Brewing Company

Salt Spring Island Goat Cheese

Sea to Sky Feast: Salt Spring Island Goat Cheese

Here are some shots from both the Sea to Sky Feast of Fields (all above), held this year for the first time at Rebagliati Park in Whistler, and from the Lower Mainland Feast (all below) held at UBC Farm.


(l) it was hot, hot, hot; (r) deliciousness from Aqua Riva

Lower Mainland Feast of Fields: (l) it was hot, hot, hot; (r) deliciousness from Aqua Riva

(l) great hat; (r) bite size freshness by The Cascade Room/Habit Lounge

(l) great hat; (r) bite size freshness by The Cascade Room/Habit Lounge

(l) Aphrodite's; (r) grabbing a cold drink from The Tearoom

(l) Aphrodite's; (r) grabbing an iced tea from The Tearoom

That’s right, one more day to buy your tickets for the Whistler location of Farm Folk/City Folk’s annual fundraising event, Feast of Fields. Click the link to buy your tickets.

I hear it’s supposed to be sunny on saturday…maybe summer isn’t over just yet?

See you there!

Nee-hao everyone…I hope you are enjoying summer wherever you are. I am off today for my summer holiday in China…and hopefully some cultural food experiences too! We are the lucky winners of a Visa Canada trip to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, and then we’re going to Shanghai for a week of skyscrapers, shopping, and slightly less smog…I hope. I know, but please don’t hate me, I’ll share tons of pics and stories when we’re back!

In the meantime, I hope you have a great, relaxing August and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you soon.


I had the pleasure last year to be the sponsoring photographer for the Lower Mainland Feast of Fields, held at UBC Farm, and not only this coming September do I get to do that again but also for the Sea-to-Sky Feast of Fields in Whistler at the end of August.

But, even if I wasn’t shooting either event I would tell you about them as they are both great events that support an even greater organization.

© Farm Folk/City Folk

© Farm Folk/City Folk

© Farm Folk/City Folk

By attending an event not only do you get to:

(a) support the Farm Folk/City Folk organization, and in-turn you will be supporting to cultivate a local, sustainable food system; supporting local, small scale growers and producers; and working to educate, communicate and celebrate with local food communities, all main goals of FF/CF.

(b) enjoy a leisurely day among like-minded farmers, restaurant owners, wine makers & other interested people of your community

(c) eat and drink copious amounts of fresh, locally grown & prepared foods & wines provided by talented & creative chefs and wine experts

Now why wouldn’t you want to do any of the above? I was there shooting the event last year, and tickets sold out fast, and let me tell you it was totally worth spending the afternoon there. So if you want to grab your ticket fast, here’s how to get them:

To buy online: visit FF/CF’s website, click on ‘Events’ and choose which Feast of Fields you’d like to buy tickets for.

To buy in-person for the Lower Mainland event: visit any lower mainland Choices Markets.

p.s. From experience at the Lower Mainland event last year, my advice to you upon arrival would be to head straight for the gelato booth; last year they ran out hours before the end of the event…plus you’ll get the only lineup over right away, and who doesn’t like to eat dessert first?

I hope to see you there!