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Our travels through the city’s food world for Urban Diner continued over the past 2 weeks capturing Vancouver’s bartenders and their cocktails. Some of the tasty drinks (yes, I had to sample a few) were brand new, only to be found on cocktail programs as of this week, while others are tried and true. My editor, Paul, titled the column “The Rebirth of Cocktail Cool” and these bartenders didn’t disappoint.


above (L to R): Nick Devine (Habit Lounge), Chris Brown (Beyond Restaurant), Lori Poppe (Voya in the Loden Hotel)


above (L to R): Steve da Cruz and Justin Tisdall (Gastropod), Jordan Moore (Yew in the Four Seasons Hotel), Jim Shelton (Sanafir)

Some of the shots are above; you can see more photos and Part 1 of the column on Urban Diner here, and Part 2 here. And if you feel so inclined after trying one of the yummy beverages featured, head down to the according bar (being sure to say hello to the cocktail’s creator) and leave a comment below the column to tell everyone about it!

Happy drinking!

~ j

One of our readers was kind enough to not only compliment the photo that accompanied our recent Books for Thought post, but also asked:

“Could you also post some books/cookbooks that would be helpful to someone with multiple food allergies – cheese, canned vegetables, prepared meats, etc.? A friend of mine contends with this issue…”

Well what a nice friend you are, and I’m happy to help where I can. I don’t recall seeing any multiple food allergy books when I was at Duthie Books on my original visit, but from a quick internet search there are definitely some out there.

This is what I found that may apply to your friends situation, and may be of interest to others:

The Gluten-Free Vegan: 150 Delicious Gluten-Free, Animal-Free Recipes by Susan O’Brien (Marlowe & Company, December 2007) She has also written Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Cooking.

Cooking Without: Recipes Free from Added Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Products, Yeast, Salt, and Saturated Fat by Barbara Cousins (HarperCollins Canada / Thorsons (August 2000). Wow, this sounds nearly perfect!

Table for Two: Meat and Dairy-Free Recipes for Two by Joanne Stepaniak (Book Publishing Company January 1996)

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko (Raw Family Publishing September 2005). You may like to check out their website (not full of content quite yet).

Raw Foods for Busy People 1 (2004) and 2 (2007) by Jordan Maerin (Lulu Press). Seems to be self-explanatory, but maybe the raw regime would suit your friends situation?

Good luck, and keep us posted…J

In response to our last post Books for Thought, Andrew of his own site Raw Food Health comments:

” I completely agree. The amount of information out there on diets is overwhelming. I suffered from colitis, and tried gluten free diets, general vegan diets, and just about everything else with no luck.  I finally was able to heal on a raw food diet. I actually wrote a webpage about my diet because I field so many questions.”

Has anyone else experienced specific eating regimes that worked wonders for them? I commend Andrew for taking not only this way of eating on, but also writing a site dedicated to it.

Are there other regimes that have worked wonders for others?