I can think of maybe only 1 or 2 other meals that I’d rather eat than the perfect sandwich. My mother’s lasagna is a definite (not being able to eat dairy for the past 15 years leaves me with only fond childhood memories of this dish…and sadly it’s the cheese that springs to mind first) and also my husband’s homemade burgers (but only when I feel like I need a reason to be arrested to the couch for several hours afterwards…they’re that huge). But other than those I would do many things for a delicious, tasty sandwich of pretty much any variety.

So when Rhonda at Cityfood Magazine asked me to photograph (and subsequently eat) all of the sandwiches that the humorous Jurgen Gothe has written about, I said “Yes thank you!

The Sandwich Series being posted one sandwich at a time on Cityfood Magazine’s website will, very entertainingly, spotlight some of the tastiest sandwiches in the city. And let me tell you…they are tasty.

We started with my great friends over at Terra Breads…

…with their Roast Lamb sandwich with pears and mint on raisin bread. Yum.

Next we went to the Black Forest Deli in the South Mall of Park Royal. They really are a deli, you can have pretty much any type of sandwich you want made to order from whatever German meats they have there. My German-born (Comox Valley raised) friend and I went for lunch, and he was instantly transported back home, where his mother has made us both fabulous Schnitzel among other dishes over the years. Deelish.

I’ll post more sandwich photos as they appear in The Sandwich Series, so stay tuned!