If you have ever been out to the farm at UBC, or attended the Feast of Fields event held in early September at the UBC farm for the past 14 years, or even if you don’t make it out to that neck of the woods but you are supportive of local farming and the people who grow, tend, and provide us with healthy, fresh food options on a regular basis your help is needed now.

The UBC Farm is a 24 hectare student-driven learning and research farm located on the University of British Columbia’s campus, and integrated with the wider community and is the only working farmland within the city of Vancouver. It hosted over 2000 students and 100 sustainable food systems related research projects in 2007 alone. Many campus social events, educational programs for children, community outreach programs and a weekly farmers’ market run here. The ultimate goal of the farm is to retain and re-create existing farm and forest lands at the University of British Columbia into an internationally significant centre for sustainable agriculture, forestry and food systems.

However, the farm is slated as a ‘future housing reserve’, which leaves this valuable resource threatened. Please visit the petition here and join myself and over 2,700 others to sign your name as a supporter to keep the UBC farmland untouched by housing development.

Their last 2008 market is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th, and this is just another way you can help support the farm. To receive updates on the farms progress, you can sign up for their email list on this web page, or check their blog or website for updates.