When we left Vancouver on our impromptu trip to China (yes, what a place to take an impromptu trip to, I know) it was gray and raining. The day we arrived home it was just as gray and even more rainy. Apparently it had been gorgeous, hot and not-a-cloud-in-the-beautiful-blue-sky kindof weather while we were away. So, along with our vacation and traveling things we also packed away tank tops, shorts, hats, and the like in preparation for September and Autumn that seemed, at that time, to be so imminent. Light summer jackets also got moved upstairs, warmer coats and scarves brought downstairs in the main closet. I even was getting excited for things like apples, grapes and tomatoes, and was considering how I could give squash another try this year.

But this first week of September, the weather has been hot, the sun has been shining (first sunburn of the year on September 7th!), and I am completely confused as to how to dress: t-shirts? Or sweaters? And what to eat: should I continue to relish my childhood summers through peaches and blueberries from my local farmers markets, or move onto potatoes, parsnips and home-made soups? Really, I consider myself an intelligent, on-the-ball type of person but it’s these in-between, change of seasons times of year that seem to throw me off my game.

Or maybe I just need to do a better job at enjoying these in-between times of year that are defined by a mix of weather and seasonal foods, letting go of summer for another year and welcoming what will soon beckon Autumn’s brisk walks and fuzzy sweaters. I’ll keep you posted…