What’s Your Favourite? is posted every Friday in an effort to get our readers talking and inspired for some favourite foods, drinks and recipes as the weekend approaches. If you’ve got an idea for an installment of What’s Your Favourite? just leave a comment!

So I realize the weather in a lot of places has been a little unlike what we are used to experiencing in July…ok, I’m going to be blunt: it’s been downright gross, rainy and cold. I wore my raincoat and wool socks today for crying out loud. But, in the spirit of positivity and things improving as we move from today through the weekend, Basil Gazing wants to know:

What’s your favourite chip dip?

Leave a comment and tell us!

(Mine is a heavy garlic & tomato guacamole…made best by my better half, and he knows it. It’s like a mexican vacation on the edge of a tortilla…what could be better?)