I had the pleasure last year to be the sponsoring photographer for the Lower Mainland Feast of Fields, held at UBC Farm, and not only this coming September do I get to do that again but also for the Sea-to-Sky Feast of Fields in Whistler at the end of August.

But, even if I wasn’t shooting either event I would tell you about them as they are both great events that support an even greater organization.

© Farm Folk/City Folk

© Farm Folk/City Folk

© Farm Folk/City Folk

By attending an event not only do you get to:

(a) support the Farm Folk/City Folk organization, and in-turn you will be supporting to cultivate a local, sustainable food system; supporting local, small scale growers and producers; and working to educate, communicate and celebrate with local food communities, all main goals of FF/CF.

(b) enjoy a leisurely day among like-minded farmers, restaurant owners, wine makers & other interested people of your community

(c) eat and drink copious amounts of fresh, locally grown & prepared foods & wines provided by talented & creative chefs and wine experts

Now why wouldn’t you want to do any of the above? I was there shooting the event last year, and tickets sold out fast, and let me tell you it was totally worth spending the afternoon there. So if you want to grab your ticket fast, here’s how to get them:

To buy online: visit FF/CF’s website, click on ‘Events’ and choose which Feast of Fields you’d like to buy tickets for.

To buy in-person for the Lower Mainland event: visit any lower mainland Choices Markets.

p.s. From experience at the Lower Mainland event last year, my advice to you upon arrival would be to head straight for the gelato booth; last year they ran out hours before the end of the event…plus you’ll get the only lineup over right away, and who doesn’t like to eat dessert first?

I hope to see you there!