This particular foodie interview is actually a foodie-bevvie combo, of a wonderful client of mine John Hunt, Manager of Firefly Fine Wines and Ales.  He is a self-proclaimed wine, beer and food geek, who loves to cook and entertain, play hockey, golf, curling, and holds music as a passion. I had the pleasure of photographing his store interior, and only at that point was introduced first-hand to the incredible variety of product they have available.

If you haven’t strolled by, read on to for a ‘free wine tasting’ invitation. Yes that’s right, free…wine…mmmm. And trust me, John as your host combined with an Enomatic Wine Tasting Machine it’s well worth it.


© 2008 Firefly Fine Wines and Ales

© 2008 Firefly Fine Wines and Ales

Is there a certain food or dish or drink that reminds you of home?

If it is a food- Raisin Pie!….does anyone even know that this exists? It’s a prairie thing having grown up in Saskatchewan…just try and order this in a restaurant….most of the younger generation have never heard of it.

What is the ideal ‘John beverage’ ?

Tough question for me…in our business we get exposed to a ton of products and there is a lot to like. I suppose what started it all was Oregon Pinot Noir a lot of years ago…I long for one of the old style Pinots that they used to make…you could taste the dirt the vines were grown in right inside the glass.

What do you recommend for someone looking to try something new that can be found at Firefly?

The Enomatic Wine Tasting Machine…only the Italians can do it this good and with great style. We always have 8 bottles going in the machine….”try before you buy” is our motto with the machine….you must come by and taste (it’s free by the way)….just seeing the machine blows most people away.

Without naming any names and being possibly one of the most up-to-date people in the city on what new beers & wines are out there, what words do you have to describe the beverage menus in the majority of Vancouver restaurants at the moment?

In the upper to mid end restaurants excellent….lots of attention to pairing and trying to create products that work with the menu…beyond that those offering food should consult a sommelier….the time spent doing that will pay big dividends and it’s not about high priced products…it’s about choosing products that really work with the menu and being creative in choosing….don’t be afraid of “Spec” products…after that get the government out of the way so the customer can choose what he wants from around the world….we’re tired of being told what to choose by people who know nothing about customer service.