I have never really got into video…one may think if the technicalities of still photography are understood, those of video should be simple to grasp, but I subscribe to the theme of sticking to what you know, so when I met Chad Galloway, video artist extraordinaire, I was thrilled.  He’s talented, easy going, and committed to his craft.  He describes himself as a a Vancouver based shooter/cutter who’s loving the sun this summer with a one year old and a brand new (to me) bike!

Our next photo-video-combo-shoot together will be a two-day project for Herder Winery & Vineyards, a fabulous wine made by an amazing down to earth couple who are truly passionate about what they do. More on that to come later.

For now, here is a little bit about Chad…

Is there a certain food or dish that reminds you of home?

You know, this is really going to sound trailer park but I love my Mom’s tuna casserole!  She’s going to kill me because she is an amazing talent in the kitchen and makes so many great things and this one calls for two cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom dumped into the pan!  But there’s just something so amazing about this dish that every time I have it I am 6 years old again, with my legs dangling off the chair.  It takes me to another world.  And it’s super delicious as well!

Is there one thing you can’t live without in your kitchen?

Yep, her name is Jenny!  Jenny is my partner of 4 years and she’s without a doubt the best thing in our kitchen.  She’s amazing and teaches me everything from how to reduce sauces and make delicious Mexican dishes.  It helps that she’s Mexican!  Right now she’s editing delicious food videos for a site called Rouxbe.com so she comes home from work inspired and whips up the most amazing pasta dish or creme
brule!  So yeah, everyone should have a Jenny in the kitchen!

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Tonight we’re having some friends over so I’ve been marinating some steaks in a simple but delicious soy sauce and honey garlic marinade. We’ll do them on the the grill with some potatoes and corn on the cob

for sides.  Fast easy and a great excuse to be outside drinking beer with friends!

Is there one food that gives you the heebie jeebies?

Well now that I’ve been living in Vancouver for a few years I don’t bat an eye at eel sushi or octopus soup anymore.  But I’d be hard pressed to sit in front of a plate of liver.  Even the name – liver.  It just sounds gross.