To start off our interview series (and yes, the interviews are all about food with a dash of personality) I asked my client Meghan O’Connell, Graphic Designer + Image Editor extraordinarie at Farmboy Fine Arts, about her memories and favorite food experiences.

This is Meghan!

How did the food you grew up eating at home inform your cooking/food choices today?

My parents always cooked meals together in our house, an all of us always sat down to dinner together. We had a big garden in the backyard, so in the summer we would have all sorts of delicious things, like sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuce, sugar snaps, green beans, etc. We also had several fruit trees, so that allowed me to stay outside and play longer, just snacking on cherries, gooseberries and apricots throughout the day. I think it made my dad proud to be able to grow so much of our food. We rarely if ever had pre-packaged food, like frozen meals, and that is something that I carried into adulthood.

What is the ideal Meghan meal?

I like to try little bits of everything, so I LOVE potlucks. I especially love potlucks thrown by older ladies, because you get all the relics like deviled eggs, Swedish meatballs and home-cooked baked beans. If it’s got a toothpick in it I’m happy.

Is there one thing you can’t live without in your kitchen?

I’m from Wisconsin, so it’s no surprise that this would be cheese.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

I’ve got a friend in town today, so he may have to experience a Japadog. Otherwise we’ll probably make spaghetti and meatballs together.

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?

I have had many, but one that stands out is from the last time I went to Mexico. I had a grilled swordfish with pomegranate and pistachios, and for dessert had a deliciously rich Mexican hot chocolate. YUM!